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QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course

December 8–12,  2014
Charleston, South Carolina USA

This Charleston course has completed.

Please contact QFDI to inquire about future course dates or request for in-company training.  

QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course
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The only internationally recognized QFD certificate programs authorized by Dr. Akao (founder of QFD), in this fast-paced, information-packed training, you will learn advanced techniques of Modern QFD, Comprehensive QFD, how to correctly create and use a House of Quality matrix, downstream deployments, how to expertly link QFD and DFSS, as well as advanced Quality Design and organizational methodologies such as Kansei Engineering, Hoshin, New Kano Model, TRIZ and Speed Deployments.

This is an advanced QFD training for Facilitators, Project Leaders, Lean Sigma / DFSS / Phase-gates BB/MBB, and professionals in Design, Quality, Marketing, Innovation, NPD, Customer Requirements Management (CRM) and Corporate Excellence. You will receive the QFDI's QFD Black Belt® training manual (1,200 pages), Modern QFD templates in Excel, case studies and research papers from 1989–2014 (digital copy), plus a provisional QFD Black Belt® Certificate upon successful completion of the 5-day course.

This is also a good place for corporate training scout and project managers to test the water.

Typically given as in-company training, the QFD Black Belt® training is offered as a public course usually once a year. There are three (3) registration options for this advanced course.

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For questions, please contact the QFD Institute, Tel: +1 734-995-0847 (9 am - 5 pm US Eastern Time).

This Course will offer you:
  • Hands-on practice of Modern QFD on a team project;
  • Step-by-step instruction of several standard QFD deployments;
  • In-depth review of important Modern QFD tools and deployments
  • Understanding of the full depth and breadth of Modern Comprehensive QFD; and
  • 1,900 pages of QFD materials including the QFD Institute QFD Black Belt® manual (1,200 pages) and Modern QFD templates.
You will learn:
  • Advanced, Modern QFD tools and analytic methods for quality, strategy, management, product planning, decision making, invention, and design;
  • Voice of Gemba — QFD's unique approach to customer visits, and how to design Gemba Visits and new Gemba Analysis tools;
  • Semi-customized deployments common to most industries, such as project, customer, quality, technology, function, reliability, cost, manufacturability, production, service, etc.;
  • How to input, process, and output field data for each deployment;
  • Incorporating Blitz QFD® (matrix-free QFD for immediate results) into Dr. Akao's Comprehensive QFD to speed up the process;
  • Improved algorithms for defining Customer Needs (Demanded Quality) for "new-to-world" products and services;
  • Why and how of replacing ordinal scale calculations with ratio scale calculations of customer needs priorities, sales point, competitive benchmarking, and matrix relationship weights, to improve the meaningfulness and accuracy of QFD in a Six Sigma world;
  • How to expertly link QFD with Design for Six Sigma (DFSS / DFLS) ;
  • Introduction to Lifestyle Deployment with Kansei Engineering ;
  • Integration of latest Kano methods ;
  • Enhancing Customer Need Hierarchy Diagram with measures, targets, and Kano categories ;
  • Using Customer Voice Table with specification documents ;
  • Introduction to General Theory of Innovation, a TRIZ-evolved new-to-world business innovation method for general business management ;
  • Speed Deployment to additionally accelerate your project .
Resulting Benefits:

The resulting benefits you may expect upon successful completion of this course include:

  • Mastery of generic Modern QFD tools and deployments and knowledge of how Comprehensive QFD works
  • Knowledge of new-to-world methods in product development, quality and innovation, and how they can be incorporated into projects
  • Knowledge of how to facilitate a QFD project team
  • Provisional QFD Black Belt® Certificate

To assure the integrity of your certificate as demonstrated in application, full status QFD Black Belt® will be earned upon successful completion of:

  • Having a QFD Master Black Belt® custom-tailor a QFD process for your company;
  • Co-facilitating a QFD project with the QFD Master Black Belt® using your custom-tailored QFD process (apprentice); and
  • Facilitating by yourself a second QFD project using your custom-tailored QFD process and submitting your work to a QFD Master Black Belt® for approval (journeyman).

Recommended Things to Bring:
  1. A laptop computer (with CD drive, MS Excel®, MS Word®, and Adobe Acrobat®) or calculator as you will receive a CD with QFD software templates and case studies.
  2. Relevant marketing and technical data for a small project or a part of a large project that you are currently working on or plan to work on in the future. → Detailed instructions on this will be sent to you with your registration receipt or invoice.

IMPORTANT: There is no need to reveal any confidential data. The goal is to make the QFD exercises real and meaningful to you!  If it is not feasible to bring such data, you may join others or use a generic or hobby project.

Testbooks and Materials:

NOTE: Please plan extra room in your suitecase to take your course manual home, or plan to ship it home at the end of the course (we will help you make shipping arrangements if you would like.)

Registration: (Click here to open/close this info)

For planning your budget, the 2015 prices will remain the same as those of 2014 (with or without the symposium).

Three (3) registration options are available, depending on your previous QFD Belt status:

 << Registration Options >>

  1. QFD Black Belt® Option #1
    QFD Green Belt® Update + QFD Black Belt®
    Prerequisites:   You have a provisional QFD Green Belt® earned more than 12 months ago and have not completed full-status review.
  2. QFD Black Belt® Option #2
    QFD Black Belt®
    Prerequisites:  You have a full-status QFD Green Belt®, or you earned a provisional QFD Green Belt® within the last 12 months.
  3. Option #3:  Facilitator's Package
    QFD Green Belt® + QFD Black Belt®
    Prerequisites:   None.

If you are not sure which option to choose or have questions about this course, please contact us (+ 734-995-0847).

Attendees from overseas are always welcomed.

Venue & Travel:
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Instructors: (Click here to open/close this info)

This course will be taught these instructors, the only two QFD Red Belts® outside Japan who are certified by Dr. Akao (founder of QFD); both are a recepient of Akao Prize for Excellence in QFD.

Glenn H. Mazur (

  • Executive Director, QFD Institute and International Council for QFD (ICQFD)
  • Certified QFD Red Belt® (international)
  • Certified QFD-Architekt #A21907 (QFD Institut Deutschland)
  • 1998 Akao Prize® winner for Excellence in QFD
  • Academician, International Academy for Quality
  • Application / implementation expert
  • Trained over 2,000 QFD Green Belts® worldwide
  • Kansei Engineering Lifestyle QFD expert
  • Convenor of ISO Working Group 2 Technical Committee 69 Subcommittee 8 (writing the international standard for QFD)
  • President, Japan Business Consultants, Ltd.
  • Senior Member of ASQ
  • Member of Japanese Society for Quality Control
  • National Academies of Science Board, Innovation (ret.)
  • Adjunct faculty, University of Michigan (ret.)

Richard E. Zultner

  • Software Quality Specialist
  • Certified QFD Red Belt®
  • 1998 Akao Prize® for Excellence in QFD
  • Director, QFD Institute
  • President, ZULTNER & COMPANY
  • TOC Software Jonah
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The QFD Institute permits only full status QFD Black Belts® who have successfully completed the "train-the-trainer course" or higher to teach its QFD Green Belt® Courses. Individuals' QFD Belt status may be verified through the QFD Institute office.


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