2002: The 14th Symposium on QFD (ISBN1-889477-14-1)

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Automotive 2002

QFD to Direct Value Engineering in the Design of a Braking System. Jim Dimsey, QFD Green Belt®, Hayes Brake, USA.   In designing a new braking system, QFD was used to determine the importance of various functions of a braking system and performance levels to users, and subsequently to design both a lower-cost alternative as well as a high performance model. This paper will present the customer evaluation process including a web-based questionnaire, the deployment through the House of Quality to a Function Analysis, multiple cost modeling studies, and the design concepts that were created and proposed to the OEM.         

Commodity / Materials 2002

Improving Technical Support to Make Commodity Products More Competitive.  Henry Hearon, QFD Green Belt®, GCC Rio Grande, USA.    How does one take a commodity that is essentially unchanged for hundreds of years and develop a competitive position that is based on something more than a cheap price? GCC, a cement company from Mexico with expanding sales in the US, used QFD to create the customer value that set them apart from competitors without resorting to a bottom price. This paper details the journey that started with well planned Gemba visits, as well as a one-year follow up to this QFD study. 

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) 2002

Integrating QFD and Design for Six Sigma. Charles Huber, QFD Green Belt®, Seagate Technologies, USA.   Amid the shift from inspection-based quality to design-based quality, zero defect or 3ppm defect levels are being achieved by design through QFD, design of experiments, failure mode analyses, and other quality tools. Even greater gains can be made, however,  when DFSS is combined with QFD to assure not just an absence of defects, but true value as defined by the customer. This case study will present how the goals of DFSS can be achieved and surpassed through the complimentary usage of QFD.

Electronics / Entertainment 2002

Case Study - Applying QFD for the development of the World’s First High-Quality 3D Home Theatre System. Pierre-Hugues Routhier, Sensio, Canada.   You found a concept for a revolutionary new technology. You develop this technology and apply it to a product with intent to sell. This is more or less how technological start-ups traditionally roll out a new product to the market. The problem with this approach is that you have not necessarily accessed the needs of your customers... Aware of this pitfall that many have fallen, Sensio, a Montreal-based immersion technology company took a different path. The team selected QFD to do the task, in addition to using the Parametric Paired Comparison tools, focus groups and trade shows to collect the Voice of the Customer. The process ensured not only end customer delight but also the whole value chain of more than 10 strategic partners that created a whole new industry. A QFD case study on a brand new product - the world's first high- quality 3D home theater system. 

Education 2002

Deploying and integrating education system indicators with QFD - An  Application Case. Ricardo Hirata Okamoto and José Carlos Arce Riobóo, Keisen Consultores, S.A., de C.V., México.   This paper will present the Comprehensive QFD approach that has been undertaken at the Education Ministry of the State of Guanajuato in México (SEG) in order to identify specific strategies for improvements in the nation's educational system and manage them. The study will examine a various indicators of the educational delivery system including the central and local governments, internal processes of the management, administration, schools, and financial and societal impacts. The final phase of this effort will use the Balanced Score Card to implement a management information system that would monitor the whole educational indicators system, as well as SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in data processing).

Healthcare 2002

Keynote Address by Mr. Todd Hoff, CEO, Continental Rehabilitation Hospital, San Diego.

How a Successful QFD Project for a Niche Product Eventually Changed the Entire Organization.  Ed Chaplin, M.D., Continental Rehabilitation Hospital San Diego, USA.   Using Comprehensive QFD, a niche product in healthcare was redesigned. The result doubled the service volume and led to another project – redesign of the core competency of physical rehabilitation services. The paper will report the application of QFD as a path provider for the hospital’s financial success, the 3-yr progress and challenges.

Strategy 2002

Using QFD Principles to Develop Vision, Mission and Top Level Strategy. Fernando B. Xavier, Schindler Lifts Australia Pty Ltd, Australia; Robert A Hunt, Ph.D., Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.  This paper describes a current case study of the application of a comprehensive Quality Function Deployment (QFD) based strategic planning methodology to develop the vision, mission of an organization, and deploy the key strategies for implementation .  The company was able to formulate a strategy that was of value to its selected customers and attractive to all its stakeholders, while differentiating itself from its competitors.   In parallel, it produced a set of connected tasks to deploy which are highly predictive in realizing the strategy. Based on these insights the paper seeks to address the future direction of the development of this promising field of strategic methodology.


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