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2007 Tutorials

Super Pugh Concept with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

General Theory of Innovation (GTI) to Design a Superior Corporate Strategy

(NOTE: 2007 Tutorial materials are included in the 2007 Symposium Transactions)


2006 Tutorial

Kansei Engineering for Emotional Design


2004 Tutorials
Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Using Expert Choice

Linking Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and QFD

2003 Tutorials (ISBN1-889477-83-4)
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Kansei Engineering


2000 Tutorials (ISBN1-889477-82-6)
Lead User Research
Strategic Hoshin Planning
Principles of TRIZ and How to Enhance QFD
Project Schedule Reduction with QFD
Prioritizing Customer Needs Using AHP
Kansei Engineering
QFD for Health Care
QFD for Service
Introduction to Vale Engineering (VE) and Function Analysis (FA)


1999 Tutorials (ISBN1-889477-81-8)
Introduction to Comprehensive QFD
Project Schedule Reduction with QFD
What QFDers Need to Know About Marketing
Titanic TRIZ
Theory of Constraints and TRIZ Theory of Constraints and TRIZ
Linking QFD to Robust Design and Six Sigma
Strategic Hoshin Planning
The New Lanchester Strategy


1998 Tutorials (ISBN1-889477-78-8)
Introduction to QFD
Voice of Customer Analysis
Hoshin Planning
Failure Prevention Analysis
QFD & QS-9000
Theory of Constraints
Neuro-Linguistic Programming and QFD
Blitz QFD


1997 Tutorials (ISBN1-889477-77-X)
Introduction to QFD
Voice of Customer Analysis
Blitz QFD with AHP
Creativity Toolbox


1996 Tutorials (ISBN1-889477-76-1)
Introduction to QFD
Voice of Customer Analysis
Blitz QFD
Manufacturing Deployment
7 Product Planning Tools


1995 Tutorials (ISBN1-889477-75-3)
Introduction to QFD
Voice of Customer Analysis
Taguchi Methods and QFD
Prioritizing in QFD with AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process)
Creativity Tools and Techniques




Special Lectures

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Kansei Engineering (1999)

Taught by Prof. Mitsuo Nagamachi. This tutorial and workshop describes how to translate the emoional and image related requirements of the customer into design elements.


Hoshin Planning (1996)

Taught by Prof. Yoji Akao, Prof. Kozo Koura, and Prof. Tadashi Yoshizawa. This volume contains several articles on the fundamentals of hoshin planning and strategic hoshin planning for building long term organizational goal. ISBN1-889477-80-X

Gemba Kaizen (1995)

Taught by Masaaki Imai, author of Kaizen and Gemba Kaizen. This post conference 3 hour tutorial introduced the concepts of continuous improvement at the gemba, the site where the product it put into use. ISBN1-889477-79-6



QFD Forum Hardcopy

Order Forms

1995 Forum Hardcopy (ISBN1-889477-51-6)
QFD and Organizational Change
QFD Terminology
Blitz QFD
Adult learning modes
QFD Tools

1993-1994 Forum Hardcopy (ISBN1-889477-50-8)
Single Unit Marketing Models
The Role of Market Research in QFD
Neural Nets for Customer Preferences
Japanese Case Studies
Post Deming Prize QFD at FP&L
Revisiting the Kano Model
4th Japanese QFD Symposium Highlights
Networking QFD for Geographically Distant Teams
QFD for Business Process Reengineering
QFD and Conjoint Analysis
Balancing the Matrices
Process Phase of QFD
QFD and Factory Kaizen



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