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This Call For Papers / Speakers is for the 2019 ISQFD.

Papers of Interest:


What to Submit:

  1. Title of your paper
  2. Abstract (The central point of your paper);
  3. Full Draft Paper including: a) Data and Data Sources; b) Analytic Tools; and c) Bibliographies / Reference Lists* ;
  4. Authors' contact information and introduction (Author and Co-author's names, job titles, organizations, e-mail address, short introduction of each aothor);
  5. Presentation Plan (If selected, will you be able to travel and present your paper at the Symposium?)

* NOTE: Reference lists of academic submissions shall follow the standard acdemic citation styles, including the footnotes pointing to the title of the reference material, author, publication date, publisher name, and page numbers..

Send To:

Speaker Benefits:

Presentations that excite audience | Selection Criteria:

NOTE: Papers mainly comprised of summaries of information found on the Internet and/or in books and re-reporting of articles and examples previously published by others are not appropriate for this Call for Papers without contribution of original substance.

QFD Institute's Symposia do not permit papers and presentations containing sales pitch, advertising, and/or infomercial. If you wish to promote/exhibit your product and service at this conference, please contact us.

Acceptance Process:

Paper proposals are accepted on a rolling bases. The acceptance becomes official when the main author (main speaker) confirms his/her presentation with Speaker Registration, which allows us to publish and promote your paper through symposium materials.


E-mail to QFD Institute


Papers presented at past Symposia