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Please use this page to send your abstract for the next Symposium on QFD (TBD). For questions, please contact us.

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QFD Application implemented by me (my team) for my company's project.

QFD Application implemented for a client or company that contracted me/us.*

QFD Research, including conceptual, comparative, academic or other studies.*

Proposal or Introduction of a new concept or method related to QFD.*

Hypothetical case study / virtual examples.*

QFD questions, issues, and challenges that I (my team) have or experienced and want advice from QFD experts.

Other. Please explain:

* NOTE:  Full Draft Paper is required for academic submissions, research papers, papers reporting new concepts or new method proposals, and consultant papers. If your paper fits these categories, please complete this online form, and then let us know when a full draft paper will be ready. Your review, including academic peer review, will be conducted upon receipt of the full draft.

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If accepted, I will attend and present at the Symposium. I will complete the Speaker Registration by a specified date.

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I will not be able to attend even if accepted.

I have authorization from my company/my client to disclose and present the application examples, research findings, and other information described in this paper. (NOTE: There is no need to share any trade secrets; your paper can include only what is allowed to publish.)

I am currently seeking authorization from my company/my client's company to disclose and present case studies, data, and research described in this paper. (NOTE: There is no need to share any trade secrets; your paper can include only what is allowed to publish.)

My paper requires Peer Review. (NOTE: Peer Review can be conducted only on a Completed Paper or Full Draft Paper. Please send it to this address.)

Data and Analytic Tools:  To the extent possible at this time, please briefly describe your data source, data collection method, and analytic tools that you plan to use / mention in your paper / talk.

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