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QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course

September 7–10,  2016
Boise, Idaho USA

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  Registration: $2,145 per person for 4 days


  • Sept 7–8 QFD Green Belt® Course (8am – 4pm both days);
  • Sept 9–10 International Symposium (8:30am – 4:30pm both days).
  • QFD Green Belt® training manual
  • ISO modern QFD templates
  • Select case studies
  • ISO 16355 series bibliographic reference papersNEW (1,000 pages e-Book, $149 value)
  • 2016 symposium transactions
  • Akao prize reception (Sept 9)
  • Lunch (Sept 7–10)
QFD Green Belt® Course
SAVE: $300 team discount when three (3) people register from the same company.

You can also opt to complete QFD Black Belt® Course in a single trip, by selecting "QFD Facilitator’s Package" ($6,720 for 9 days of advanced training).
Overview (click here to open / close the panel)

Internationally acclaimed introductory to Modern Blitz QFD®, this course is designed for businesses and people who wish to learn the cutting-edge best practice for agility, innovation and leadership essential to compete in today's global market.

The curriculum incorporates the latest advancements in quality, design, and project management that are not yet taken up by the traditional approach seen elsewhere. These include ISO 16355 (the new QFD standard), Design for Lean Sigma (DFLS) / Six Sigma (DFSS), Emotional Design using Lifestyle QFD, Critical Chain Project Management, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), TRIZ, Theory of Constraints (TOC), New Lanchester Strategy for Marketing, and more—all of which you will be introduced in this course.

In addition to the QFD Green Belt® training manual and modern QFD templates, students of this course will receive ISO 16355 series bibliographic reference papers (1,000-page eBook, $149 value).

This workshop is part of the international program in Quality Function Deployment; it is the only QFD curriculum authorized by Dr. Akao, founder of QFD. As a course offered by the QFD Institute, you are assured of the excellence in training unparalleled to others. Testimonials.

This step-by-step, hands-on QFD workshop will show you:
  • Brief history and principles of QFD — what it is and how it works;
  • The advantages of Modern QFD over Traditional QFD;
  • How to translate Voice of Customer into spoken and unspoken customer needs;
  • How to translate key customer needs into product specifications;
  • How to prioritize customer needs and focus the development process;
  • How to deploy these needs end-to-end to each business function;
  • Examples of QFD for manufactured goods, service and business process, chemical and food products, and software;
  • How to implement ISO 16355.
Basic Blitz QFD® tools that you will learn:
Associated methods that you will be introduced:
Who should attend: (Click here to open/close this panel)
  • No Prerequisites.
  • New Product Development Teams and Project Managers;
  • QFD project team members including marketing and sales, R&D, design, manufacturing, service, quality, etc.;
  • Training scouts who will report on QFD to their management;
  • Quality consultants, Six Sigma / Lean Sigma / DFLS / DFSS Black Belts and Master Black Belts;
  • Trainers, facilitators, internal Quality / Sigma gurus, Organizational Excellence champions;
  • Those who have taken traditional QFD courses such as those offered at universities and quality institutions such as A SI, GOAL/QPC, J USE, ASQ, EFQM, etc.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn the latest, solid QFD basics, tools, and best practices. Anyone who seeks better designs, quality, and innovation.
  • Companies that have sent employees to this training.
  • Attendees from overseas are also welcomed.
Recommended Things to Bring: (Click here to open/close this panel)
  1. A laptop computer (with CD drive, MS Excel®, MS Word®, and Adobe Acrobat® reader) or calculator -- as you will receive a CD or memory stick with QFD software templates and case studies.
  2. Relevant marketing and technical data for a small project or a part of a large project that you are currently working on or plan to work on in the future. (You will receive detailed instructions on this with your registration receipt/invoice.)

    IMPORTANT: No need to reveal any confidential data. The goal is to make the QFD exercises real and meaningful to you!  If it is not feasible to bring such data, you may join others or use a generic (or hobby) project.
  3. (Optional) You may also bring your project team and both learn and work on a real project.
Registration: (Click here to open/close this panel)

Please use Registration Forms.

There are two (2) registration options. For questions, please contact QFDI.

  1. QFD Green Belt® Package (4 days)   $2,145  (no prerequisites)
  2. QFD Facilitator's Package  (9 days)   $6,720  (no prerequisites)
Venue & Travel:

Hampton Inn & Suites Boise Downtown
  • Hotel reservation page
  • How to get there

NOTE: Hotel Reservations should be made directly with the venue hotel or accommodation of your choice.

Attending from Overseas: Attendees from overseas are always welcomed. Please see this page for travel documents and tips.

First Step toward Becoming a QFD Team Leader/Facilitator:

Upon successful completion of this course, students receive a provisional QFD Green Belt® Certificate from the QFD Institute. To assure the integrity of the Certificate as demonstrated by application, full status will be earned upon successful completion of:

  • Having a QFD Master Black Belt® custom-tailor a QFD process for your company; and
  • Submitting two QFD work objects from an actual project using your tailored process for successful review by a QFD Master Black Belt® within one (1) year.

The graduates of this course are eligible to enroll in the future QFD Green Belt® Update and QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course — the next step toward becoming a successful QFD team leader or facilitator.

Instructor(s): (Click here to open/close this panel)

Glenn H. Mazur (

  • Executive Director, QFD Institute and International Council for QFD (ICQFD)
  • Certified QFD Red Belt® (international)
  • Certified QFD-Architekt #A21907 (QFD Institut Deutschland)
  • 1998 Akao Prize® winner for Excellence in QFD
  • Academician, International Academy for Quality
  • Application / implementation expert
  • Trained over 2,000 QFD Green Belts® worldwide
  • Kansei Engineering Lifestyle QFD expert
  • Convenor of ISO 16355 standard for QFD
  • President, Japan Business Consultants, Ltd.
  • Senior Member of ASQ
  • Member of Japanese Society for Quality Control
  • National Academies of Science Board, Innovation (ret.)
  • Adjunct faculty, University of Michigan (ret.)
  • Honorary President - Hong Kong QFD Association

The QFD Institute permits only full status QFD Black Belts® who have successfully completed the "train-the-trainer course" or higher to teach its QFD Green Belt® Courses. Individuals' valid QFD Belt status may be verified through the QFD Institute office.

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