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Which Training Mode To Choose?

If your company is not yet ready for in-house training or do not yet have a specific project in mind, the Public QFD Green Belt® Course is a good starting point to explore how your business and new product planning might benefit from QFD.

Public Courses are also recommended for Lean/Six Sigma and DFLS/DFSS black belts and master black belts, internal Quality champions, innovation managers, new product development teams and marketing.

In-house custom-tailored training develops company-specific QFD and New Product Development process, as well as expertise that cannot be imitated by competitors. In-house custom-tailored training also develops internal QFD talents, who will be able to lead future QFD/NPD projects on their own and eventually certify their own trainees upon completion of the full status and train-the-trainer program.

If you would like to discuss these and other options, please contact us.


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QFD Training Packages

Are you planning to attend an upcoming QFD Green Belt® Course?   Have you attended it in the past? ... Then you might also like to consider the facilitator-level QFD Black Belt® Course, to boost your QFD skills and credentials.

The following Packages bundle multiple programs for one discounted price and registration convenience. As of 2021, all classes are offered virtually as a live online workshop using the Zoom platform, unless otherwise noted.

  • For the upcoming course schedule and details, please contact the QFD Institute or visit the respective course pages.
  • Virtual QFD Green Belt® Course consists of three 4-hour sessions (12 hours total). The dates and time of the next public course are published here. This course has no prerequisites. For in-company training, the schedule will be set upon discussion with the client.
  • QFD Black Belt® Course consists of ten 4-hour sessions (40 hours total). Fully certified QFD Green Belts® (with Gold Seal on your certificate) and those who earned a Provisional QFD Green Belt® within the last 18 months are eligible to enroll. This means that those who attended the 2020 and 2021 Green Belt® Course are eligible to enroll in the 2021 QFD Black Belt® Course.

    The dates and time zone of the Black Belt® Course will be decided taking into account attendee preferences, after we receive their registration form. The current proposal is one 4-hour session per week (for ten weeks), beginning the week of September 13–17, 2021.

    If you are a Provisional QFD Green Belt® who attended in 2019 or earlier, please also enroll in the 4-hour QFD Green Belt® Update Course (see below) that will be offered the week before the QFD Black Belt® course begins.
  • QFD Green Belt® Update Course is a four-hour refresher course (4 hours total), designed for those who had graduated from the Green Belt® course more than 18 months ago. It offers you an opportunity to update and enhance the QFD knowledge and skills learned in your previous course with the latest materials and techniques, including ISO 16355. You will also receive the most up-to-date QFD Green Belt® materials and templates. This Update course will be held one week prior to the QFD Black Belt® Course.