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QFD Green Belt® Update Course


Many new advancements have been made in QFD over the last few years with the publication of ISO 16355. If it has been more than 18 months since you attended the QFD Green Belt® Course, we strongly recommend this half-day, semi-private refresher course.

Created in response to students' request to help keep the momentum going, the QFD Green Belt® UPDATE Course (half-day course) is a continuing education exclusively for those who have successfully graduated from the QFD Institute's QFD Green Belt® Course in the past.

It offers you an opportunity to update and enhance the QFD knowledge and skills learned in your previous course with the latest materials and techniques, plus a 1-year extension of the provisional Green Belt® status. You can bring your QFD samples for critique and coaching, or send your questions in advance.

This Course Will Offer You
  • Brief history and principles of QFD — what it is and how it works;
  • The advantages of Modern QFD over Traditional QFD;
  • How to translate Voice of Customer into spoken and unspoken customer needs;
  • How to translate key customer needs into product specifications;
  • How to prioritize customer needs and focus the development process;
  • How to deploy these needs end-to-end to each business function;
  • Examples of QFD for manufactured goods, service and business process, chemical and food products, and software;
  • How to implement ISO 16355.
Who Is Eligible To Attend

Prerequisites: Those who have a Full-status or Provisional QFD Green Belt® Certificate.

This Update course is especially recommended for those who earned a Provisional QFD Green Belt® more than 18 months ago and would like to advance to the QFD Black Belt® level. For your convenience, this Update is typically scheduled one day prior to QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course.

Tools & Techniques That You Will Learn

Planned for this QFD Green Belt® Update Course:

  • Improved algorithms for defining Customer Needs (Demanded Quality) for "new-to-world" products and services;
  • Why and how of replacing ordinal scale calculations with ratio scale calculations of customer needs priorities, sales point, competitive benchmarking, and matrix relationship weights - to bring your QFD math to Six/Lean Sigma provisions;
  • Find out the latest advancements in QFD and new-to-world concepts that the QFD Institute brings about through its on-going research and ISO 16355.
Resulting Benefits
  • This course will refresh your knowledge and skills learned in your earlier course, and introduce you to the latest enhancements to the QFD Green Belt® courses, including the most up-to-date techniques and the new ISO 16355;
  • You will receive the latest edition of the QFD Green Belt® training manual;
  • You might have encountered questions since attending the previous course. This is a good opportunity to get additional directions and semi-private coaching;
  • Your Provisional QFD Green Belt® had expired if you attended QFD Green Belt® Course more than 18 months ago and did not complete the Full Status review. By attending this Update Course, you will get your Provisional Status reinstated and extended for another one (1) year;
  • Attendees of this Course are eligible for the QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course in the next 18 months.
Recommended Things To Bring
  1. A laptop computer (with CD drive, MS Excel®, MS Word®, and Adobe Acrobat® reader) or calculator -- as you will receive a CD or memory stick with QFD software templates and case studies.
  2. Relevant marketing and technical data for a small project or a part of a large project that you are currently working on or plan to work on in the future. (You will receive detailed instructions on this with your registration receipt/invoice.)

    IMPORTANT: No need to reveal any confidential data. The goal is to make the QFD exercises real and meaningful to you!  If it is not feasible to bring such data, you may join others or use a generic (or hobby) project.
  3. (Optional) You may also bring your project team and both learn and work on a real project.
Training Materials
  • The latest Modern QFD templates; and
  • The latest edition of QFD Green Belt® training materials.

Upon successful completion of this Update course,

  • Your Provisional QFD Green Belt® is reinstated and extended for another one (1) year;
  • You will be eligible for the QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course in the next 18 months.

To assure the integrity of the Certificate as demonstrated by application, "full status" QFD Green Belt® will be earned upon successful completion of:

  • Having a QFD Master Black Belt® custom-tailor a QFD process for your company; and
  • Submitting two QFD work objects from an actual project using your tailored process for successful review by a QFD Master Black Belt® within one (1) year.

Course Fee: $5,820 per person (includes all training materials), for combined registration of these two (2) courses:

  1. 1/2-day QFD Green Belt® UPDATE course; and
  2. 5-day QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course.

This constitutes of total 5.5 days of training from 4/15/2018 to 4/20/2018.


  • Online Registration
  • Word File registration form

For questions, please contact us.

Venue & Travel

This 1/2-day course will be held at the hotel below.

Hotel reservation should be made directly with the hotel ahead of time.

This hotel provides complimentary airport shuttle service from the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), which is just 1 mile (1.6 km) away. Please use the courtesy phone located at the airport baggage area, or call the hotel +1 734-595-0033.

Hampton Inn & Suites Detroit / Airport–Romulus
31700 Smith Road
Romulus, Michigan 48174 USA
TEL: 734-595-0033
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(QFDI group rate $129 + tax, see below)