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ISO 16355-1: 2015 Bibliography
Tools Matrix of ISO 16355-1 is 23-pages long, with recommended quality tools for each section of the standard. The tools reference 131 books and papers in the Bibliography.

The QFD Institute has assembled the referenced papers from QFD Symposia, as well as links to other books in a 1400+ page eBook (ISBN13 978-1-889477-86-2). Price: US$149. To order or inquire about this eBook, please contact QFD Institute.

Free QFD Newsletters
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The Newsletter discusses QFD and related topics including implementation tips, what tools are useful for which purposes, important considerations, proper steps to take, what not to do, etc. The announcements of upcoming events and special offers are also sent in this Newsletter.

Symposium Transactions (Case Studies & Research Papers)
cover image of QFD Symposium TransactionsSince 1989, the Symposium on QFD has been showcasing QFD applications, research, innovation in new product development and business projects.

From these papers, you can learn how other companies are using QFD, the challenges they faced and innovative solutions they're able to devise with QFD, and more. The papers also show advancements of QFD methodology and tools over the years and expansion of application areas and integration with other methodolgies such as DFLS/DFSS, StageGates, Kansei, etc.

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  • Published Books on QFD. These books are often cited as references by senior QFD practitioners. The links takes you to Amazon.com, where you can purchase the book or see details.
  • More Books. These books were referenced in our QFD Newsletter as we discussed various QFD elements.

QFD Templates

We often receive inquiries regarding QFD software. There are many who want something that one can just dump whatever data into and get perfect answers out—without using one's brain.

Sorry, there is no such software that will keep your company unique and competitive.

While there are many uses for matrices (knowledge management, for example), virtually all of so-called 'QFD software' that are available for sale or free download have these serious flaws:

  • They confuse the 'House of Quality matrix' for QFD. (See What is / is not QFD)
  • They present a House of Quality matrix as your only main tool, without having you examine its appropriateness for your project and without informing you to perform several important pre-matrix analysis and steps.
  • They use outdated illegal math that causes your analysis and downstream deployments to be invalid and consequently even detrimental to project success. (See Top 10 QFD Questions)
  • They are not aware that Modern QFD can be implemented without any matrix.

Do you still want to rely on software to do a QFD project for you or teach you QFD—when both you and the software creator never had proper QFD training? Think about it, how smart is it?

QFD tools and techniques continue to advance, as evidenced by the new ISO 16355. So are your business model and market conditions. Being fixed in one cookie-cutter approach is a recipe for failure. In fact, international QFD experts and researchers have tested many of the so-called QFD software, including free online download. Their findings, presented in the International Symposium on QFD, concluded that none of the software products were useful and that many were dead wrong about QFD basics.

For this reason, most QFD experts today use the MS Excel Modern QFD Templates created by the QFD Institute. It does not require special software installation; it can be used on any computer platforms. These Templates reflect the most up to date Modern QFD methodologies that are essential for the success of your professional projects. The Templates are part of the QFD Belt® Courses and QFD Black Belt® Certificate Courses.

So, before you purchase a commercial QFD software product, we recommend, at least you first attend a public QFD Green Belt® Course to familiarize yourself with good QFD basics so that you will be able to select the best option for your project.

MS Excel® is a registered product of Microsoft.

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