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QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course

Internationally acclaimed introduction to the cutting-edge modern QFD and ISO 16355, the QFD Green Belt® Course will show ways in which Quality Function Deployment (QFD) can solve issues you face in product, service, software, and process development, as well as help identify innovative solutions and new opportunities.

This course is offered in three (3) modes described below. Since 2020, all modes of training are offered virtually as live online workshops, unless otherwise noted. For questions, please contact us

1. Public QFD Green Belt® Courses

Public QFD Green Belt® Courses use a generic QFD model and toolset and are held several times a year. This is a good way to learn a solid good foundation of Modern Blitz QFD® and its potentials for your work even when there might not be a specific project yet. It is also a good opportunity for corporate trainers and facilitators to scout out the current best QFD tools and methods.

2. In-house Custom-tailored QFD Green Belt®

In-house Custom-tailored QFD Green Belt® tranis your team on the custom-tailored QFD process and deployments, using custom-tailored training manuals, in addition to portions of the public course contents that are relevant to your business and industry. In-house custom-tailored training mode begins with Technical Diagnosis where we sit down with key project members and managers to identify your development process, the strength, gaps, and weakness, and to develop the most effective QFD training and implementation plan.

Your team will be trained on the custom-tailored QFD process, applying the custom-tailored toolset on an actual project under the guidance of the instructor. Unlike the public course setting, you will be able to discuss and address the unique needs and challenges of your project and your team will have 100% attention of the instructor. Because this training is tailored specifically to your business, the QFD implementation is focused on your project goals; no need to sit through the generic process that might not be relevant to your industry. This training mode has no prerequisites.

In-house Custom-tailored QFD Green Belt® Course can be also offered as a live online worshop. Please inquire.

3. In-house Generic QFD Green Belt® training

This is the same as the Public Course, except it is held at your company location and attended only by your employees. This option uses the public course materials and generic QFD models. This is also a good way to introduce your workforce to the Modern Blitz QFD® and application of basic tools. This too can be offered as a live online workshop.

Which training mode to choose?

  • If your company is not yet ready for in-house training or do not yet have a specific project in mind, the Public QFD Green Belt® Course is a good starting point to explore how your business and new product planning might benefit from QFD.

    The Public Courses are also recommended for Lean/Six Sigma and DFLS/DFSS black belts and master black belts, internal Quality champions, innovation managers, new product development teams and marketing.
  • In-house custom-tailored training develops company-specific QFD and New Product Development process, as well as expertise that cannot be imitated by competitors. In-house custom-tailored training also develops internal QFD talents, who will be able to lead future QFD/NPD projects on their own and eventually certify their own trainees upon completion of the full status and train-the-trainer program.
  • Facilitator's Package combines public QFD Green Belt® Course and public QFD Black Belt® Course. This is a good value for those who plan to advance to the facilitators' level, as it offers one discounted package price for the two popular programs. This package has no prerequisites.
  • QFD Green Belt® Update Course is a refresher course for those who graduated from a QFD Green Belt® Course more than 18 months ago and would like to advance to the next level. This Update course is scheduled one week prior to QFD Black Belt®.
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