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QFD Software Templates

Free QFD Templates

Attendees of QFD Green Belt® and QFD Black Belt® Courses receive QFD Institute's QFD templates and exemplary generic case studies as part of their course materials. These include Modern QFD tools, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), and a mathematically sound House of Quality matrix (HoQ). Students can learn how to use them correctly and effectively in the classroom using a project from their own work. These templates do not require installation of special software.

The QFDI templates reflect the most up-to-date best practice Modern QFD, using correct weight / prioritization math that is essential for the successful outcome of your NPD and DFSS projects, unlike those commonly found in free online download that uses obsolete deployment models and invalid math. Relying on such templates and software for your expensive professional project can be highly risky; they may lead you to wrong project directions unwittingly and eventually a costly failure, let alone hours of your hard work and company resource wasted.

Those who have graduated from the QFD Institute's courses (with a full status or provisional Certificate) can obtain the latest version of the templates whenever they attend QFD GreenBelt® Update and QFD Black Belt® Update Courses, as well as semi-private coaching on their project and the latest editions of the QFD Green Belt® and QFD Black Belt® training manuals.

Additionally, other complimentary trial software may be distributed to attendees of the QFD Belt Courses and the annual QFD Symposium.

About QFD Software

We often receive inquiries from people regarding QFD software. It is usually their limited exposure of QFD that has led them to believe that it is a "cookie cutter" process for whatever data they input, some software will give a meaningful output.

"Of course, we all want something we can just dump data into and get answers out. Sorry, there is no such software that will keep your company unique and competitive," says Glenn Mazur, executive director of QFD Institute. "While there are many uses for matrices (knowledge management, for example), virtually all QFD software available for sale or free QFD online download sites confuse the 'House of Quality matrix' for QFD, and they all rely on outdated illegal math that causes your analysis and downstream deployments to become invalid and consequently even detrimental to project success." [from: Top 10 QFD Questions]

More important, Modern Blitz QFD® replaces matrices with simpler tables or requires no matrix at all in some cases and it is included on the QFD Institute's training materials. QFD Institute's QFD Green Belt® training may be a lower cost alternative to dedicated QFD software package and it is a sure way to set your new product / service development in the right direction.

QFD is a quality methodology; it requires quality thinking. It is very flexible due to its breadth and depth, so that what works for one company may be inappropriate for another. Ideally, QFD should be custom-tailored for each company. Thus, relying on software to do a QFD project for you or teach you QFD can be very risky and wasteful if you are not able to tell whether the QFD model in the software is valid for your project or not.

Before you purchase a commercial QFD software product, we recommend your at least first take a public QFD Green Belt® Course to familiarize yourself with good QFD basics so that you will be able to select the best option for your project. For questions concerning your project and use of software, please contact QFD Institute.


CAUTION:  Recently, some websites appear to promote their software and templates by displaying QFD Institute's name and contact information without our consent, deceptively creating an impression that their business somehow has relationship with the QFD Institute. Our expet tests have found that they contain incorrect QFD flow and poor practices, including invalid math formula that can skew your importance weight and priority decisions and negatively affect integrity of your downstream deployments. Before downloading such free QFD online templates, which might also contain malware, educate yourself with correct QFD knowledge and understand that Modern QFD can be implemented without a matrix..