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QFD Institute Training
The QFD Institute's mission in education is to deliver state-of-the-art QFD training and education for developing outstanding QFD practitioners and facilitators by setting the highest standards in QFD training, nationally and internationally.

The QFD Institute's QFD Belt program offers a multi-level structured QFD curriculum, aligned with ongoing research, giving students the best possible Modern QFD training. It
is the only QFD curriculum authorized by Dr. Yoji Akao, QFD co-founder, outside Japan and taught by Akao-certified QFD Red Belts®.


The QFD Institute provides two distinct pathways of learning:

1)  In-house training programs and workshops

  • In-house custom-tailored training for your project teams, using custom-tailored Modern QFD process and training manuals that best fit your company's product development process and project goals.

In-house custom-tailored training may include QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course and QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course, as well as custom workshops on Kansei Engineering, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), QFD for DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), Hoshin Strategic Policy Management, New Kano Model, TRIZ and QFD, and technical assistance. (See the right menu for topic details.)

  • Public QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course at your company location for your employees, using generic Modern QFD tools, process, and materials.

In-house Training vs. Public Courses

2)  Public courses and workshops

  • This may include Public QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course and Public QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course using generic Modern QFD training materials, as well as workshops on other relevant topics, at a predetermined public location.  Read more on Public courses and workshops.

All training by the QFD Institute is compatible with ISO/QS-9000, Six Sigma, DFSS, Stage Gate, EFQM, TQM, Baldrige, and other quality initiatives.
To inquire, please feel free to contact the QFD Institute, TEL: +1-734-995-0847.


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