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Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

Glenn Mazur of QFD Institute explains, TRIZ is the systematic innovation methodology for developing creative solutions which was born in Russia.


image of diamondFor example, a problem in using artificial diamonds for tool making is the existence of invisible fractures. Traditional diamond cutting methods often resulted in new fractures which did not show up until the diamond was in use. What was needed was a way to split the diamond crystals along their natural fractures without causing additional damage.

In the food industry, there is a method to split green peppers and remove the seeds for canning. In this process, peppers are placed in a hermetic chamber to which air pressure is increased to 8 atmospheres. The peppers shrink and fracture at the stem. Then the pressure is rapidly dropped causing the peppers to burst at the weakest point and the seed pod to be ejected.

photo of peppersA similar technique applied to diamond cutting resulted in the crystals splitting along their natural fracture lines with no additional damage. This is one example of many problems solved by using TRIZ: A potential solution might already exist, but often psychological inertia prevents us from discovering the ones in a different field of discipline or from being creative enough to see a potential of existing knowledge to a new situation.

TRIZ Tutorial

In this hands-on workshop, you will discover how to apply TRIZ methods to challenging customer needs in the changing business environment, both for services and for products. You will learn to classify your problem, and then select the right TRIZ tool for the problem and develop powerful breakthrough solutions.

The key areas for discussion will include:

  1. ideal final result;
  2. use of resources;
  3. contradiction analysis;
  4. the separation principles for eliminating inherent contradictions; and
  5. the 40 principles for eliminating tradeoffs.

This tutorial is for anybody with an interest in solving difficult problems, regardless of his/her level of QFD knowledge.


The basics of TRIZ is covered in QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course.

TRIZ Tutorial may be scheduled at your company location as an in-house training. It may be also offered at one of the QFDI public events. Please contact contact us, Tel + 1206-203-3575 to inquire.